Women Who Thrive Grant

We believe offering grants will help Women Thrive. We give small grants bi-weekly for whatever need you may have, for an example - your business, buying books for class, starting a non-profit, and/or self-care! The application cut off for each month on the 31st. For each need, even if it's the same need, you must reapply bi-weekly. If you want a chance at winning the Women Who Thrive Grant, you have the opportunity to apply at least 12 times in a year! All you have to do to apply is tell your story and pay a small application fee.

Thank You!

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There is a standard $10 application fee payable. These funds will go towards the Grant recipients. 



We give grants to Women around the world bi-weekly because we want women to THRIVE! We desire your help because there are many women who are in need and have dreams. Receiving Women Who Thrive Grants not only help them financially, it's another way to empower women not to give up on their dreams. It let them know others in the world care not just with their worlds but with their actions. Thank you for investing in .Women who need your help to THRIVE!!! Click HERE to GIVE!

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Kala Green was very excited about being the first recipient for Women Who Thrive Grant in 2020!! Remember we give out one WWThrive Grant bi-weekly, all year long. All because we want you to Thrive!