Women Who Thrive Connection Leaders

Pillars of Women Who Thrive

What is the purpose of a Women Who Thrive Connection Leader?

The purpose of Women Who Thrive Connection Leader is to provide positive experiences that gives each member the best opportunities to Connect, Collaborate, and build a health Community in order to THRIVE.

3 Important take-aways for Women Who Thrive Connection Leaders:

1. This role is to help Women Who Thrive members who have desires to connect and build healthy relationships with other women in order to thrive.

2. This role is to plan events at least 1 time each quarterly for 5 to 10 women in your area to build a positive community for women who are driven, value others differences, and want to network among each other. (No more than 12 women - if your group increase with more than 12, a new group will need to develop with a different leader).

3. This role is not to push your own agenda, add people to your own social groups or businesses, but encourage Women Who Thrive Members to connect with others, learn, have FUN, and/or develop in their particular area of expertise.

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Please complete form so we can gather a little information about you!

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Sign Documentation

Complete BUT Don't sign until you're in front of a person certified to notarize documents. (Notarization is usually FREE at Bank, library, or HR departments at your job of employment). Please mail documents to attention Dr. Nancia Leath - request address by emailing [email protected].


Send Photo

Please email a photo (head shot) of yourself and include your city and state to be mention on website.

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Order Group Manual

All Women Who Thrive Connection Leaders will need to use Women Who Thrive Manual their first year of meeting. Please encourage participates to also buy the manual to help understand the importance of WWT, prepare for meetings, and what to expect from the connections.

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Order Tee-Shirts

All Women Who Thrive Connection Leaders understand they will need to wear Women Who Thrive Connection Leaders Tee-Shirt at their first meetup

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Special Facebook Group

There is a private Women Who Thrive Facebook Private Group ONLY for Connection Leaders. This is a place where the quarterly meetings will take place, leadership trainings, and for the leaders to connect in order to Thrive. Join Today! 

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After Connections

After each connections it is expected for all Women Who Thrive Connection Leaders to complete short form to provide update, concerns, changes, and needs. This will allow us to know the health status of your group, maintain communication, and how we can assist you.

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