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Dr. Nancia Leath interview many people around the world for Women Who Thrive to learn from and network with in order to THRIVE. Allow our 11K+ audience to learn about  your business, book, event, life experience, or podcast. Please click on photo above or HERE. Two people are interviewed every Tuesday at 8pm EST.
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Dr. Nancia Leath did live interviews with two amazing women. She started off with Nel Hamer Carroll and learned why she attended a HBCU and why her young adults followed her path. Dr. Leath then ended it with Purvi Tantia, who is a global consultant, author, TedX Speaker, and international key note speaker. She is the founder of MindWaves Consulting School for Women In Consulting and creator of the Infinity Method of Consulting.

Dr. Nancia Leath interviewed Dr. Kevin D. Flythe, D.C., C.C.E.P, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FMS. He focused on why everyone needed a Chiropractic. Dr. Flythe is a practicing Chiropractor in Marietta, Georgia. He has been in this profession for fifteen years since graduating from Life University with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He is originally from North Carolina. He has attended North Carolina Central University, Duke University and New York Chiropractic College where-in he has obtained degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Sports Medicine and Physiological Therapeutics. He has also obtained his Manipulation Under Anesthesia certification from Texas Chiropractic College.

Dr. Leath spoke with Patricia Reid-Waugh who currently resides in Jamaica. Ms. Patricia is the successful author of the book "Retirement, A New Adventure." A former Mathematics Teacher, she subsequently pursued an extensive professional accountancy career with Deloitte firms in Jamaica and St. Maarten and served as Regulator of the Financial Services on the island of Nevis, before retiring in 2011.

Dr. Nancia Leath interviewed Candice Reid Hamilton. Candice is a wife and mother of two boys. She struggled with weight most of her life but especially after her pregnancies. It took her almost 10 years after her youngest son was born to get her weight under control after seeing a photo taken in Costa RIca. Come here how she did it and keeping it off.

Dr. Leath interviewed Adam Krief. He was born in NY, NY and currently lives in Florida. Adam attempted 3 colleges and never finished, but he did not let that stop him from thriving. He has traveled all over the country for the past 10 years and have lived in all 4 corners. Currently in the midst of building a new business and want to share with you how he is doing it. Adam Krief have many rag to riches experiences you must hear during this interview, so come and be enlightened. You will hear ideas you never heard before after hearing Adam's life experiences.

Dr. Nancia Leath interviewed two Women Who Thrive Members, Shenita Scott-Connally and Princella Nunez Stringer.
Shenita Scott-Connally has been working with widows and widowers since my husband passed away in 2015. Her first annual event titled "Life After the Rain was held in 2016 at TGI Fridays on Mt. Zion over breakfast sponsored by the restaurant. It is held to provide a safe, loving environment for widows & widowers to share wonderful moments about their spouses without someone feeling uncomfortably. God gave her the vision for this book in 2017 after CELEBRATING her late husband's life with family & friends annually. My desire is that others will love their loved ones wholeheartedly while they are living.
Princella Nunez Stringer is a trained life coach empowering women to connect with their innate gifts and talents to hone in on their dream niche through her Perfect Niche Program. Princella has a Master’s degree in Human Resources and for the past 7 years has held 1:1 coaching and her personal favorite group coaching sessions in the topics of niche development, life goal setting, personal branding, and self-empowerment by faith!

Dr. Nancia Leath is excited about interviewing two Women Who Thrive members, Katrina Wingate and Danielle Davenport.
Katrina Wingate is the owner of Chantell's Fashion Boutique and she is going to tell you how she market her products.
Danielle Davenport is a stay at home mom of 3 and suffered from postpartum depression. She is going to tell you what she did to help herself and how she is helping mothers who are currently dealing with postpartum depression. Come with your questions and thank you in advance for your support.

Dr. Nancia Leath interviewed two amazing women: Alexandria Agresta and Deana Pecorale. They are Women Who Thrive!

Alexandria believes in a world where people fully align what they do to make money with what they do to experience meaning & fulfillment in their lives. This belief led her to co-founding Purpose Pioneers, where she's on a mission to empower leaders and entrepreneurs to get back to what matters most in business-- Human Connection-- and to use their purpose and profit “sweet spot” to live a meaningful life AND do meaningful work. Join her in furthering the Purpose-First Movement.

Deana reported that less than a year she made the decision to leave her career as a financial advisor and relocate to South Carolina with her husband. Today she has doubled her salary. The best part? She went from working 50-60 hours a week to an average of 10-15 hours a week. Come watch to find out how she was able to gain this success right here on Raw Stories!

Dr. Nancia Leath interviewed two Women Who Thrive, Allison West from Germany and Michelle Primeaux from USA.

Tulsa, Oklahoma native, Allie West has the gift of gab. She’s got a knack for telling stories and rarely meets a stranger. She spent most of her career in Atlanta, Georgia advocating for quality early childhood education. Taking her passion for education a step further, she earned her Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training in 2011 and started Diverse Solutions Consulting and Training in 2015. She’s trained both nationally and internationally on a variety of topics including child health and nutrition, social and emotional wellness, creating professional work cultures, and how to dress for your body type. West has many titles -mom, wife, entrepreneur, and now published author. Her novel, A Dressed Up Mess, is the first book in a series based on her life. A Dressed Up Mess captures her lucid way of undressing her internal chaos, facing her ugly truths, and her ability to bounce back. West now lives in Germany with her husband, where she spends her days consulting, traveling, writing, and doing a little shopping.

Michelle Primeaux is a Certified Life Coach and owner of You Belong Life Coaching Services, LLC. Michelle is an empowerment speaker, workshop facilitator, and retreat coordinator. She is also the founder and visionary for "Women of Love and Faith Ministries," where she empowers women to wholeness and abundant living through Bible study fellowship, spiritual guidance, personal development, women's getaways. and an annual empowerment hat luncheon that unites diverse groups of women.

Dr. Nancia Leath had a wonderful time doing live interviews with three Women Who Thrive: Y. Rená Cooper, Dr. Rebecca Lopez, and Darlene Swann Wood.
Y. Rená Cooper is the founder & CEO of 4 My Voice Matters, a NFP (501c3) organization that raises funds and brings awareness to domestic violence and suicide. A survivor of domestic violence, Rená made it her life’s mission to make sure her voice was heard. She makes sure she cries loud and spares not for victims of domestic situations. Rená completed 40hr Domestic Violence training and obtained her certificate with the state of Illinois. Aside from being trained for domestic violence, she also volunteers her spare time at Sarah’s Inn, a Domestic Violence Agency in Oak Park, IL. Seeing victims become free and victorious and witnessing survivors thrive in their ‘after’ is another thing that drives her and gives her life.
Dr. Rebecca Lopez is a Women Who Thrive Engagement Leader. Come hear her Raw story, learn about her life experiences, and why Women Who Thrive Group are so excited to have her as a leader.
Darlene Swann Wood is the owner of DSW Travel and is a Women Who Thrive Engagement Leader. Come hear her Raw story, learn about her experiences, and why Women Who Thrive Group are so excited to have her as a leader.

Dr. Nancia Leath interviewed two Women Who Thrive, (Happie) Cassandra Dunn-Henry and Kimberly Knight. Cassandra Dunn-Henry: Empowering Others With Keys to a Unlocked Prison of the Mind. The seeds of FREEDOM from the Unlocked Prision of my mind birthed MS. HAPPIE'S SONG! Kimberly Knight: Prep Christian Sisters for Marriage. Come to hear, support, laugh, and ask your questions!